Card linking versus Top-up – which one is right for my business

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LoyLap is committed to offering customisable options to businesses throughout their omnichannel payment and loyalty journey. When business purchases our LoyLap powered Branded Digital Wallet (BDW), the customisation continues. Business owners can select
from two unique BDW options and make sure their branded wallet provides exactly what their customers need. First, there’s ‘Top-up,’ which allows customers to top-up their BDW account balance manually. Second, there’s ‘Card-Linking,’ which allows customers to directly link their Credit and Debit cards to their BDW. So, what’s the best option for your business?


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Branded Digital Wallets with ‘Top-up’ enable buyers to manually load funds via a linked Credit or Debit card when their balance is low. This process is extremely quick and can be completed easily online or in-store. The customer simply inputs the value they wish to be added to their account and they’re ready to make their next purchase. Businesses can even incentivise larger top-up amounts and payments by offering top-up bonuses depending on the amount loaded onto an account.




Card Linking

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Rather than loading funds onto a customer account, card linking allows a buyer to connect their debit or credit card directly to their account. This allows customers to make purchases without any initial top-ups. A customer simply displays their personal QR code at the counter and the funds are automatically redeemed from the customer's card. All the while, loyalty can be added simultaneously with each purchase to engage return customers



So which is right for my Business? It depends: 

An upfront ‘top-up’ encourages cash flow. It allows businesses to take in cash today and lock in customers for future spending in their business. So, if your business is looking to increase return business, this may be a perfect solution.

Card Linking, on the other hand, emphasises convenience. With one scan, customers can pay seamlessly with your branded app and get all the loyalty benefits at the same time. So, for businesses hoping to decrease transaction time, card linking might be a perfect option.


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No matter which set-up you select for your Branded Digital Wallet, LoyLap will be there to help you each step up the way. For more information on our amazing offerings please call or email us. We’re standing by to help you transform your daily transactions.

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