Mobile Apps and Websites: The Future of Small Businesses

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As more and more business transactions shift online, many small business owners are still against using a website or mobile app. They feel that an online presence is better left to the big guys: large companies like the Starbucks and Amazons of the world. However, this might not necessarily be the case

People do not make purchases the same way they used to. Online retail is rapidly growing in popularity, and the days of 100 per cent in-store purchases are long behind us. Amazon, for example, has its own grocery store seamlessly integrated into its website. Starbucks even makes 1/3 of all its sales online. No matter where you look, traditionally brick-and-mortar businesses are creating significant digital presences. So, we need to ask ourselves: what are the benefits of combining in-person and online business.

When a company has an online presence, buyers can choose the experience they want from any given business on any given day. If they want to shop in person, they can look through a business’s website and come in knowing exactly what they want. If a consumer wants to stay home, they can make their purchases online and only leave when they know their order is ready to pick up. This is where having mobile apps and a website comes in handy

A mobile app and a website allow a business to attract this new class of consumers. The “I want it my way” or Subway sandwich shop buyer.  Without a web presence, however, small businesses narrow the options they can offer their customers. No website, means no online published inventory or menu. No mobile app, means no branded pay, self-checkout, or even online ordering. Even for small businesses, sacrificing your web presence is sacrificing an entire class of consumers and the options they value.

Still, some business owners feel creating a mobile app or website isn’t worth it. They say websites and apps “would be too time-consuming” or “just much too difficult.” They become intimidated trying to figure out how to design a website, how to get people there, and how to even begin to set up online payments. Nonetheless, this isn’t the impossible task it used to be. 

App design has changed drastically over the years, and now there are options like LoyLap: a company designed to answer all these questions so you don’t have to. These are places where mobile apps, self-checkout, and even branded payment can be solved all at once. So, don’t leave online purchases to the big guys. Create your business’s mobile app today.

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