Should I Use Physical or Digital Gift Cards

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Here at LoyLap, we deliver the best to our customers, so they can do the same. One way we hold true to this belief is our hybrid gift card model. 

LoyLap’s hybrid gift card model is designed to offer businesses the tools they need to grow and succeed. It provides two main features. First, our completely customisable physical gift cards with business names, logos, and anything else our customers need to convey their brand. Second, our customers receive unlimited digital gift cards. Both options can be sold as products or used in a loyalty programme. So, which one should you select for your business?

1. Digital Gift Cards

As more and more customers shift towards cashless payments, digital gift cards offer a perfect solution for your more tech-savvy customers. With this modern option, funds are stored in a digital wallet, and when a customer is ready to use the gift card they scan a barcode on their phone. It is a quick and compact process.

With instantly accessible digital cards, there is no longer any need to cram more cards into your customers’ wallets. What’s more, there’s absolutely no waste. It may seem obvious, but the simple fact that digital gift cards do not have to be printed saves money and helps the environment. There are no massive sheets of plastic to make gift cards, and digital cards are completely free to produce. Thus, digital cards save money and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Physical Gift Cards

Despite the many benefits of digital gift cards, old-fashioned physical cards also connect you with customers. Physical cards may even have some advantages that cannot be replicated with digital gift cards. 

Unlike virtual cards, physical cards are particularly effective for branding. When a customer buys a physical card, they are carrying your company's name and logo in their wallet. So, no matter where they go, your customer has a little reminder to return to your business. Digital gift cards simply cannot deliver this level of advertising and branding. It is also important to consider that some

customers are more comfortable with a card they can hold. Not everyone understands branded payment solutions or cashless payments. So, rather than forfeiting your ability to offer promotions to such customers, plastic cards provide an appealing solution. 

3. Physical v. Digital

Since both physical and digital gift cards offer features the other simply cannot, choosing either solution is often very difficult. This is why LoyLap offers both. Rather than choosing which benefits they are willing to sacrifice, a business can use both physical and digital gift cards in whatever capacity they choose. All-in-all, this allows business owners to respond to customer tastes at an individual level and offer better service overall.




Thank you for reading! 

If you are interested in choosing either option or both, please visit our gift card page to receive your own personalised gift card. We look forward to helping you take your customer loyalty to the next level.

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