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What are LoyLap Campaigns?

We've been talking to customers for over eight years, learning about their businesses, and the different programs...

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How one product purchased can indicate preference for another

Despite the complexities of consumer buying behaviour, you don't need to be a marketing specialist to understand...

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The Pareto Principle in Business

In life and in business, it’s fair to assert that most things are not distributed evenly. Wealth, workloads,...

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Offer special rates to local merchants and boost your micro economy

#SupportLocal has appeared in about 14.5 million posts on Instagram. On Twitter, there are 60 or so tweets an hour...

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Start your customers off on the right foot by giving them a reward after their first top-up transaction

No one likes change—least of all your customers. Finding the right loyalty scheme for your business can be...

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Never let a customer say goodbye without one last try

We all have bad days, and that includes our staff members. Whether it be relationship troubles, financial...

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Why saying happy birthday is good for business

As one gets older, the desire for a birthday party fades from an annual affair, to an event reserved for the major...

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