3 Helpful tips to maximise online ordering

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Here are some handy tips that you can utilise for Online Ordering with LoyLap:


1. Stock Management

If you sometimes have trouble managing stock between your walk-in customers and online customers, you can ensure that you always have enough stock for walk-in customers by using the “Disable product when stock falls below…” feature within LoyLap Ordering. This allows the system to automatically remove an item from  online ordering when the stock levels fall below the designated amount.

Tip - inventory



2. Different Menus per dispatch method

If you want to have product different  offerings for  your delivery and collection customers ,you can enable separate menus by toggling the product’s availability for each  dispatch method. By toggling each dispatch method on and off, the system will only show collection enabled items when the collection dispatch method has been selected and vice versa. You can locate these settings under “Product Details”. The image below shows an item enabled for collection and delivery, but not fixed delivery. This can be useful if you have varying tax rates for items when customers eat in or take away.

Tip - available online_New2

3. Managing Service

If you have trouble managing walk-ins and online orders during busy hours,  you can limit the amount of orders that come through during known busy periods with LoyLap’s “Dispatch slots” feature. By enabling “Time Restricted”  slots you can increase and decrease the number of orders that can come in during a given period, alleviating pressure on staff. The below screenshot shows how you can decrease the number of orders you receive during the plotted slot allocations.

Tip - dispatchThe entire LoyLap team works to ensure that your business is profitable and your customers are happy with the high quality of its technology. Take advantage of online ordering to strengthen your competitive edge. If you have any questions, please contact our success team at success@loylap.com.

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