Info Carousel - a new feature for our White Label Apps

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We have introduced a new feature for our White Label Apps! Starting this month, all businesses using a LoyLap White Label app have access to an information carousel. With this update, businesses have an entirely new way to connect with their customers.

The information carousel works just like a pop-up on your personalised app. When customers open your app, they immediately see the scrollable banner on their screen. There’s no set-up either. From the second you create your White Label app, the carousel is available to update your customers on whatever new offerings you want to share with them. Say you’re a gym owner doing a “bring a friend for free” promotion. Or, perhaps, a cafe owner is offering a Sunday special that’s just too good for customers to miss. Whatever news you have (whether it’s a new product, special offer, or promotional event) your customers deserve to know, and the info carousel is here to help.

Like our White Label Apps, the info carousel is 100-per cent customisable. You can add photos, text, and links to your personal info carousel, depending on what you and your customers prefer. You can even alter the format and add as many pages as you want to the carousel. No matter the case, if there’s a way your customers like to get information, the info carousel can do it. So, don’t leave your customers in the dark. Try the LoyLap info carousel today.

Here’s a picture of how you can use the info carousel to inform your customers:

Blog - ScreenshotsAt present these need to be built by the team here at LoyLap so if this is something that you want to take advantage of and have your app with us then please reach out to and they will arrange this with you.

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