Product Upgrade Announcement: White Label Applications

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White Label Application UI/UX & Technology upgrade – A paradigm shift for SMEs to offer their own custom branded applications that drive significant value for their business & customers.

In 2019, LoyLap introduced to market its White Label App product whereby LoyLap Merchants could have a custom branded app released to the iOS and Android app stores in their own name. At the time, this represented a major update for LoyLap in that it allowed our Merchants to directly promote their own brand to their customers; thus creating stronger brand recognition and engagement by securing a coveted place on their customers' Smartphone.

The technology we used to produce these White Label Applications was relatively new at the time and, as with any new technology, it had room for improvement from the beginning in several aspects of the customer experience such as the launch app load speed, native interface and instant responsiveness. 

The advantages of these custom branded apps did, however, far outweigh the initial technical limitations, and thus our White Label App product grew in popularity each year with an increasing number of Merchants signing up & recognising them as an important channel for them to engage directly with their customers from their brand.

And now (May 2022) we are proud to announce that we have completed an overhaul of our White Label App technology to provide an even better experience for our Merchants and end users alike.

What’s new:

1. New Design

Out with the old and in with the new. Our new design makes better use of space and our Merchants brand and colour to provide an even more customised experience.

App - Homepage


2. More Customisation

In our ‘More’ section we now easily offer Merchants the ability to add external links into their app. Popular additions are ‘Nutritional Info’ and links to Merchants social channels.

App - More

3. Push Notifications of Campaigns

Now when a Merchant creates a Campaign in LoyLap, this can be delivered right to the customers Smartphone as a Push Notification & there is also an ‘Offers’ section to then store this info for when the customer wants to come back to it later.

App - Offers


4. Improved Onboarding

Our new registration screen reduces the time to onboard to the application by up to 50% by having a smarter use of space and more seamless transition between data cells.

App - Registration


All in all, the entire team at LoyLap are delighted with the improvements we have made to ensure our Merchants have the best quality technology available on the market, and we look forward to continuing to improve on all technology we have built – for if there is one constant; it is change.

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