LoyLap Experiences: Unique Benefits with Standout Features

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In today’s ever-evolving consumer landscape, customers seek meaningful interactions that will enrich their lives, prioritising value in creating lasting memories. As the shift towards experiential spending gains momentum, businesses of all kinds must adapt to meet these customer trends. 

LoyLap Experiences enables merchants to create and showcase custom activities, packages, and events on their website and social media that customers can browse for themselves or discover as gifts for others. In this blog post, we explain in detail why LoyLap Experiences is a better option compared to other providers in the market. 


How to sell experiences online

What Sets LoyLap Experiences Apart from Other Options:

Integrates seamlessly with your Website and Social Media

In just a few minutes, a web developer can add the Experiences iframe or URL to a merchant's website without additional hardware or complex integrations.


Modifiers enhance the perceived value of the experience itself, encouraging customers to indulge in additional add-ons and ultimately spend more at your business.

For instance, a merchant could offer a romantic three-course dinner Experience, including enticing modifiers such as champagne or a wine pairing, a dessert tasting platter, or personalised decor customised to the customer's requirements.

Product Features Campaigns

In addition to selling experiences online, merchants can launch campaigns to incentivise the desired consumer behaviour. For example, offering a related experience for free or at a discount if multiple experiences are purchased at one time.

Basket-Level Campaigns

Basket-Level Campaigns work on the principle of rewarding customers for reaching a certain spending threshold. The merchant can launch a Basket-Level Campaign where customers receive a €20 discount on their total purchase when they spend €100 or more in a single transaction. This encourages customers to add more items to their basket or make larger purchases to qualify for the discount, ultimately driving revenue.

Product-Level Campaigns

Product-Level Campaigns are designed to reward customers with discounts when they purchase a specific experience. For instance, a Spa & Wellness business could enhance a relaxation package by offering discounts on additional services, such as 10% off a complimentary facial or aromatherapy session, encouraging further spending. Similarly, a hotel could entice visitors booking a two-day romantic countryside getaway with discounts on complementary activities, such as a 10% discount on a horse riding lesson or a 15% discount on a romantic five-course dinner.

Redemption on Multiple Devices

Whether the merchant is working with a POS, payment terminal, mobile phone, desktop computer, or tablet, our software runs smoothly regardless of hardware preferences.


We are genuinely committed to helping merchants grow their businesses without compromising their margins. Transaction fees are as low as 2%.

User-Friendly Design and Customer Support:

We designed LoyLap with non-tech experts in mind. Other software providers require lengthy training, but our solution is simple yet effective. Our Launch Team sets up the online shop, ensuring the merchant is comfortable managing the software to allow maximum success.

Integrates Seamlessly with the Entire LoyLap Suite:

Whether the merchant wants to work with Gift Cards or Loyalty, all our products are designed to work seamlessly together.


How to sell experiences online

The Process is Straightforward

Merchants can easily add the Experiences iframe or URL to their website, allowing customers to browse through various activities, purchase a digital voucher, and email it (or even schedule it) directly to the recipient.

Each voucher includes a unique QR code that merchants can scan and redeem using an integrated POS device running LoyLap's Gift Card App. For businesses working with desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones, Experiences can be redeemed with our web application or Merchant App.

Instant authorisation and redemption for vouchers occur when the QR code is scanned, ensuring that no experience is used twice while also providing real-time reconciliation reporting for accounting.

How to sell experiences online

Why Should a  Merchant Start Selling Experiences Online?

Increased Revenue and Cash Flow

Offering custom Experiences not only attracts new customers but also provides immediate cash flow as merchants will receive payment in advance for services that won't be redeemed until later.

Maximise Margins & High Perceived Value for Customers

Consumer behaviour is shifting. Customers are now drawn to unique personalised offers, making customised experiences an attractive and effective strategy for merchants of all kinds to set their business apart and target this new customer demand.

Flexibility and Convenience for Customers

Selling experiences provides customers with the flexibility to choose an activity and lets the recipient schedule it at their convenience. This flexibility can be a powerful motivator for those who might be hesitant to commit to a fixed date, allowing them to plan their experience around their own schedule.

Encourage Advance Bookings

Providing custom experiences often encourages customers to make advance bookings to secure their preferred date or time. This proactive approach helps businesses forecast demand, allowing them to better prepare for slower sales periods. It also provides an influx of revenue during off-peak times, reducing the impact of seasonality or other factors that might contribute to slower business periods.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Offering custom experiences during low sales periods can be a strategy to target past customers. By providing special offers or exclusive experiences during this time, businesses can incentivise customers to try new experiences, fostering a sense of loyalty and increasing customer retention.

Whether you’re looking for technology to sell experiences or considering a switch, LoyLap transforms the way merchants interact with customers online to boost sales and loyalty for their business.

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