Maximising Revenue with Customer Roles & Targeted Campaigns

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Most of the time, business owners also play the role of customers. Just think for a second: Have you ever walked into a café and received a discount because you belonged to a specific group of customers? Whether it was during your youthful student days or as a work perk, walking into that café and being greeted with a special deal probably made you feel valued, and most importantly, it made you return—not once or twice, but countless times, turning you into a loyal customer and leading to increased revenue for the merchant.

Segmenting customers into groups isn't exactly a new concept—it's been around for a while. But using LoyLap's transactional technology to segment your customers and then target them with tailored campaigns… that’s a whole new deal. 😎

And guess what? You can join this trend too. Not to only be the first in your niche but also benefit from increased customer retention for your business.

So let’s jump into the essentials behind the concept of roles and how to create one using Campaigns by LoyLap.

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In simpler words, roles can be any type of category that a merchant would like to assign to different groups of customers who frequently visit their business. Think of students, people working for specific companies, members from a gym nearby, or even VIP roles for friends and family. Options are unlimited. Just pay attention to your business surroundings to get your creativity flowing.

Once you have started segmenting your customers into different roles, you can choose from two clever strategies: Offer them a sweet recurring monthly discount to keep them coming back week after week or create targeted campaigns sent straight to their phones via push notifications to encourage future spending. Either way, both approaches work wonders. It's just a matter of getting creative with your roles & promotions to test what works best for your business and your customers alike.

Creating Roles from the LoyLap Dashboard

For any merchant hearing about roles for the first time, we know the feeling — learning about what’s new in the industry feels overwhelming. But trust us when we say you don't need to feel like that at all. LoyLap’s transactional technology has been designed with non-tech-savvy users in mind, so everyone from your 19-year-old waitress to your older manager can easily work through it regardless of their technological skills.

Want to learn how easy it is to create roles from the LoyLap Dashboard? Stay with me as I show you step by step how merchants can create a role from the LoyLap Dashboard in this 30-second tutorial.


Embracing the power of customer roles and targeted campaigns can transform your business from merely surviving to thriving. By recognizing the diverse groups of individuals who frequent your shop and tailoring special offers to cater to their needs, you're not only fostering a sense of value and loyalty among your customers but also maximising your revenue potential.

From students to VIPs, each customer segment represents a unique opportunity for engagement & retention. Whether it's through recurring discounts or targeted promotions, the key lies in using LoyLap's transactional technology to identify these segments and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Get started with Campaigns to segment your customer into roles now.






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