What is Sustainable Loyalty & How can my Business Implement it

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We are not what we say we are, we are what we do. It is our actions, rather than our words, which define us. As more businesses become aware of and wish to implement, sustainability within their business, it is important to be cognizant first of why sustainability is important to them, and what actions they can take to make even a small difference. 

The ‘why’ is really the most important first step, and if the answer to ‘why’ is ‘so that our customers can see us doing something then you are approaching it from the wrong perspective

Defining Your Sustainable Goals

Customer Loyalty - Images for article Blog (31.03.23)_Benefits of a Sustainable Loyalty Approach


The ‘why’ should be something that is important to you, your team or your business in general. Improving air quality, reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint are all great examples of the ‘why’ that should drive your business sustainability. After the ‘why’ comes the ‘what’ i.e. what are you going to do to achieve your ‘why’. A good example is, we are replacing X ingredients with Y ingredients as it has a Z % lower carbon footprint, or, we are implementing a discount for customers who collect their own orders so we don’t add to the number of deliveries required.


Benefits of a Sustainable Loyalty Approach

Customer Loyalty - Images for article Blog (31.03.23)_Defining Your Sustainable Goals Sustainable Loyalty is when your ‘what’ relates to your customers and how your business interacts with, rewards and engages them with sustainability in mind. A great example of this we have seen with LoyLap Merchants is from ‘Cloud Picker Coffee’ based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Cloud Picker has a Custom Branded App on the app stores, powered by LoyLap (of course), where their customers can load a payment card for integrated payment and Loyalty. The sustainable feature is that customers only get rewarded for Loyalty, generously I might add when they bring their clean reusable cups. Since LoyLap loyalty integrates with the POS at a product level, the system knows when a reusable cup is used, and then that automatically adds the loyalty reward to the customer's account upon payment. 

This is a perfect example of where a business is giving its customers a choice in saying that it is understandable that not everyone will have a reusable cup on them at all times, however as an incentive to remind people to do such, they only reward loyalty on people that do. This has resulted in far greater uptake of reusable cups within their locations vis vie, merchants, where there is no incentive to be green.

Engaging Customers Through Sustainable Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty - Images for article Blog (31.03.23)_Engaging Customers Through Sustainable Loyalty Programs

The importance of sustainability cannot be overstated. Companies that ignore the impact of their actions on the environment, and society at large, risk becoming irrelevant as customers grow increasingly conscious of how their purchasing habits affect the planet.

Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to take a proactive approach to sustainability. The first step is identifying the "why" behind the effort. This means figuring out why sustainability is important to your business beyond just appearing virtuous to customers.

Once you've established the "why," the next step is determining the "what." What actions will you take to achieve your sustainable goals? It could be something as simple as reducing waste, cutting back on energy usage, or sourcing materials locally.

But sustainable loyalty goes beyond just internal actions. It involves engaging with customers and incentivizing them to make sustainable choices. Cloud Picker Coffee's approach, for instance, rewards customers who use reusable cups with loyalty points. This not only helps to reduce waste but also encourages customer loyalty.

Implementing an Integrated, Sustainable Loyalty Approach for Lasting Impact

The key takeaway is that sustainable loyalty requires an integrated approach. It requires identifying the "why" behind the effort, determining the "what" in terms of sustainability action, and engaging customers in the process. By doing so, businesses can not only make a positive difference but also reap the benefits of a growing customer base that prioritizes sustainability. And with LoyLap's help, implementing this approach has never been easier.

For sustainable loyalty, start with your ‘why’, then figure out your ‘what’ and give LoyLap a call so we can help you implement.

Take action now and get started on making a lasting difference!


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