Maximise Holiday Profits: 6 Benefits of Selling Gift Cards This Christmas Season

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Yup, it’s that time of the year again. If you haven't already started planning your Christmas sales strategy, what are you waiting for?

While the holiday season may have provided successful marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes in the past, this year the forecast looks less optimistic. With factors such as saturated markets, and the cost of living continuously impacting consumer spend,  it can be challenging for your business to increase sales - especially if you head into Christmas without a well-defined sales strategy that draws attention to your business. 

Why shoppers choose gift cards

So, how can you encourage sales in such a difficult scenario? 

With customers becoming more selective this Christmas, selling gift cards can become your golden opportunity to expand your business’ reach and boost sales. Individuals with tight budgets are increasingly drawn to choose gift cards over physical gifts because it allows them to set a specific budget while avoiding additional expenses like shipping and gift wrapping. It's a win-win situation for everyone in the equation:

✔ Customers stick to their budget. 

✔ Gift card recipients choose what suits them best, reducing returns and disappointment.

✔  You get to introduce your business to not one, but two potential repeat customers; the gift card giver and receiver. Plus, whoever else is present during the Christmas gift exchange. 😋

But be sure to cover all your bases! Just selling physical gift cards won't do the trick, you also have to go digital. 

LoyLap’s Gift Card Marketplace is a platform where businesses can sell gift cards online to boost sales throughout the year. With just a few clicks, any business can create a profile that offers a seamless checkout experience, providing potential customers with the added convenience of quick payments and the option to schedule or send their purchased gift cards directly to the recipient's email address.

Why business should sell gift cards online


Here are six additional benefits of selling gift cards online through LoyLap’s Gift Card Marketplace:

Increased and targeted visibility for your business

By listing your business to sell digital gift cards on the LoyLap’s Gift Card Marketplace, you are instantly gaining more exposure to a wider and targeted audience, actively seeking gift options. These  shoppers have already chosen to purchase gift cards over physical gifts - making them more likely to engage with your offering once they discover your profile on our Marketplace. 

Why business should sell gift cards o

More cash flow for your business

Selling gift cards not only attracts customers but also provides immediate cash flow for your business, as customers pay in advance for products and services they won't enjoy until later. You can use these funds to invest in your holiday marketing today, making your business even more appealing for future shoppers.

Why business should sell gift cards o

Easily shareable to maximise organic online traffic 

In a world where influencing has become a profession, the ability to sell gift cards online with shareable links will make your business visible to a wider audience, catching the eye of potential customers seeking unique gift ideas on a budget. Simply get creative with your social media posts, include the link to your profile on LoyLap’s Gift Card Marketplace, and boost specific posts to increase their reach. 

Why business should sell gift cards o

People scrolling through social media will either shop from you or share the links with others working on their Christmas shopping list, maximising your visibility and introducing your business to new customers.

Digital gift cards are available  for purchase 24/7

Another key benefit of selling gift cards online with LoyLap’s Gift Card Marketplace is 24/7 accessibility for customers. They can shop for gift cards from the convenience of their phones, anytime, anywhere. This accessibility makes your gift cards easily available to all types of customers, especially those long-distance friends and relatives looking to surprise loved ones.

Why business should sell gift cards o

Using digital gift cards to attract last minute shoppers

While Christmas shopping often starts as early as late November, a significant portion of customers leave their shopping duties to the last minute.

Why business should sell gift cards o

With the right positioning , you can let  customers know how easy it is to shop for your gift cards online by customising the amount, adding a heartfelt message, and scheduling delivery directly to their email address to open on Christmas morning. 

All it takes is creativity and a few engaging social media posts to promote your digital gift cards to this particular group of customers who are most likely to be desperately looking for a hassle-free solution when time is of the essence.

Gift cards are instantly redeemable through uniques QR codes

When your customers shop gift cards online, every purchase comes with a unique QR code that can be scanned and redeemed using an integrated POS device running LoyLap software. No gift card can be redeemed twice, eliminating the risk of double redemptions, whether accidental or intentional. 

Why business should sell gift cards o

Selling gift cards online not only increases your sales but also allows you to earn more money per sale. Statistically, gift card recipients are proven to spend 38% more than the value of the card.This means you won't only be attracting new customers but also increasing the spending of each new customer you attract with your gift cards. Consequently, this strategy not only boosts immediate sales but also nurtures repeat business, making it a cost-effective approach for small businesses seeking to maximize revenue and customer retention during the Holidays.

So, are you ready to make the most of this upcoming festive season? 

Get started early by signing up today for Gift Cards!

Make this Holiday season a profitable one by capitalising on the gift card trend and satisfying the diverse preferences of your customers.

Happy selling! 🎄🎁

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