LoyLap Experiences is Now Available: Selling Memorable Moments was Never this Easy.

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A bride-to-be spa day, a five-course meal, a countryside break, or a cocktail masterclass make great presents for potential customers while also increasing your business reach, cash flow, and overall profits.

But, how can you sell such personalised activities to your customers in a way that’s easy and seamless for them?

LoyLap ‘Experiences’  enables merchants to create and list custom experiences on their website that customers can shop for themselves or as gifts for someone else.

Once the voucher receiver is ready to enjoy their experience, the only thing they have to do is reach out to the business to schedule the activity. Each experience purchase comes with a unique QR code that can be scanned and redeemed using an integrated POS device running LoyLap's Gift Card App. For businesses working with desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones, merchants can also redeem the experiences through our Web Application or Merchant App.

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5 Profit-Boosting Perks of Offering Tailored Experiences at Your Business!

Increased Revenue and Cash Flow

Offering custom experiences through online vouchers not only attracts new customers but also provides immediate cash flow for your business, as you will be receiving payment in advance for custom activities that won't be redeemed until later.

Market Differentiation and Competitive Edge

In a saturated market, customers are often drawn to unique and personalised offerings, making customised experiences an attractive option to engage with your business in a meaningful way.

By providing online vouchers for personalised services, a hotel, restaurant, or spa can create a unique selling proposition that sets it apart, helping to build a strong brand identity while also fostering customer loyalty.

Flexibility and Convenience for Customers

Selling experiences provides customers with the flexibility to choose an activity and lets the recipient schedule it at their convenience. This flexibility can be a powerful motivator for potential recipients who might be hesitant to commit to a fixed date, allowing them to plan their experience around their own schedules.

Encouraging Advance Bookings

Providing custom experiences often encourages customers to make advance bookings to secure their preferred date or time. This proactive approach helps businesses forecast demand, allowing them to better prepare for low sales periods. It also provides a steady flow of revenue during off-peak times, reducing the impact of seasonality or other factors that might contribute to slower business periods.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Offering custom experiences during low sales periods through vouchers can be a strategy to retain existing customers. By providing special offers or exclusive experiences during slower times, businesses can incentivise customers to return, fostering a sense of loyalty and increasing customer retention.


How can you integrate 'Experiences' into your business website?

Integrating ‘Experiences’ into your website is a piece of cake.

In just a few minutes, your web developers can add the ‘Experiences’ iframe or URL to your website, allowing future shoppers to scroll through your different activities, purchase a digital voucher, and email it (or even schedule it!) directly to the person they are purchasing it for. Once your page is online, you can add the link to your social media posts or profile to start selling from all your socials.

Whether it's an adventurous outdoor activity, a romantic dinner, or a relaxing spa day, our technology makes it easy for your customers to purchase and send the gift of unforgettable moments. 💜


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