Ireland’s first keep cup with contactless payment functionality launched

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Launching in Bear Market’s outlet in Decathlon, the keep cup incorporates LoyLap’s digital payments technology to create a sustainable, streamlined experience for customers

LoyLap specialises in digital payments and customer engagement software, and Bear Market Coffee, is a coffee and beverage business with branches across Dublin, and together today we are proud to announce the launch of Ireland’s first reusable coffee cup coupled with contactless payment functionality. This innovation marks a first by an Irish company. 

The keep cups will initially launch in Bear Market’s outlet, based in the Dublin branch of global sports retailer Decathlon, with plans to further expand the initiative across the company’s branches in the coming months.

Powered by LoyLap’s contactless payment infrastructure, customers of Bear Market Coffee can use their personalised keep cup to pay for their beverages, in a seamless transaction. The chip is embedded within the silicone sleeve of the reusable cup, transforming the keep cup into a functional payment device. A core component of the initiative is LoyLap’s integrated loyalty system, which operates on Bear Market Coffee’s custom branded app - enabling the coffee business to directly reward repeat customers - a valuable asset for any small business. The streamlined branded payment experience means that customers will be incentivised to transition to using the keep cups, potentially saving hundreds, even thousands of disposable, single-use coffee cups from going to landfills each day. 

Having initially adopted LoyLap’s payment technology in 2014, the launch of the contactless keep cup is the latest innovative solution to be rolled out by Bear Market Coffee, with its branch in Decathlon providing an ideal location to activate the initiative. Sharing a mutual passion for innovation across their respective fields, the contactless keep cup is a product offering designed to enhance the customer experience, for patrons of both Decathlon and Bear Market Coffee. The pairing of reusable coffee cups and embedded contactless payment chips is the first solution of its kind to be deployed in Ireland.  The sustainable credentials, coupled with the convenience it offers, will likely make the keep cup a popular choice among customers seeking a seamless way to pay.

Damien English T.D., Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail said:

“Throughout the pandemic, we witnessed a shift in consumer purchasing behaviour as contactless payments provided a safe and convenient alternative to exchanging cash in-store. This trend has now gained traction as customers are experiencing the benefits of this technology and the convenience that it offers.”

“In responding to these changes, Irish businesses have been at the forefront of introducing new innovations and the contactless keep cups launched today by LoyLap and Bear Market Coffee serve as an example of this. In line with Government policy on helping SMEs transition to the green and digital economy, this technology showcases the very best of Irish enterprise and I am greatly encouraged by this.”

Founder and CTO of LoyLap, Conor O’Toole commented:

“At LoyLap, we are committed to delivering innovative digital solutions, which expand the payment functionality of businesses, while creating a modern, streamlined experience for customers. Through our ongoing partnership with Bear Market Coffee, we have demonstrated the numerous benefits of adopting an integrated payment system for small businesses.”

“The past eighteen months have accelerated the digitisation of our economy, and we are rapidly evolving into a cashless society. The contactless keep cup will appeal to consumers seeking a transaction experience designed for the modern age, while also helping to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviour.”

Ruth Deasy, Co-Founder of Bear Market Coffee said:

“At Bear Market Coffee, we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability and customer experience. Sustainability is a core pillar of our brand, and as a business, we are constantly searching for innovations which encourage the widespread adoption of environmentally friendly practices.”

“This initiative will simplify and streamline the customer payment experience while simultaneously encouraging the adoption of reusable cups.”

Bastien Grandgeorge, CEO Decathlon Ireland said:

“At Decathlon, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% by 2026, through actively developing our sustainability strategies. Since opening in 2020, we have worked to ensure renewable energy supply to our building, secured the eco-friendly certification of our site in Ballymun and appointed a dedicated team to implement our environmental objectives. This is part of our wider mission to ensure that Decathlon Ireland is helping both sportspeople and our planet, to become as sustainable as possible.”

“Alongside Minister Damien English T.D, Bear Market Coffee and LoyLap, we are delighted to launch the contactless keep cups. We remain committed to supporting this initiative among all of our team and throughout our store, and we anticipate that it will be hugely successful.”


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