2021 Round-Up: Our Top Posts for Small Businesses

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As we close out 2021 and look ahead to the new year, we wanted to share with you what our readers found to be the most helpful posts over the last year. From tips on how to grow your business to advice on managing customer loyalty and more, these articles are sure to help you in your journey as a small business owner. We hope you find them useful!

1. 11 Marketing Ideas to Sell More Gift Cards

Real-world strategies and tactics that will help you sell more gift cards both in-store and online. 

2. 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Online Ordering Provider

This post will help small business owners find the right online ordering system for their company so they can focus on what really matters: running their business profitably.

3. 13 Frightfully Useful Campaign Ideas

This blog post is focused on creative campaign ideas for growing your business. We've included 13 frightfully useful ideas that can be used all year round! 

4. 5 Key Benefits of Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are an important tool for any business, not just the big players. They can help you keep customers and grow your customer base while also helping with better decision making.  If you're considering building a loyalty program, then these 5 benefits may convince you that it's time to get started. 

5. 5 Other Uses for Gift Cards in Your Business (Apart from to Sell)

One of the most versatile tools in your business's toolbox, gift cards can be used to reward loyal customers, incentivise sales or generate goodwill among the community. This article will show six other ways to use gift cards in your business apart from selling them! 

6. Grow Your Small Business Using Data

As a small business owner, the data-driven insights available to you are changing.  This post will help you understand what's possible and how to use your data more effectively. 

7. KISS: The Key to Successfully Launching Your Loyalty Program

We all want loyal customers. But how do you attract and keep them? With a loyalty program, of course! And what are the best practices for starting a loyalty program? This post provides the answer. 

8. Unwrapping the 5 Biggest Business Benefits of Gift Cards

Gift Cards are the perfect way to increase cash flow, revenue, and new customer acquisition. This post unwraps these benefits and more for small businesses. 

9. 5 Tips to Maximise Online Ordering for Your Restaurant

As a small business, there’s no doubt you want to get as many orders as possible through your online ordering system to maximise its value. This post covers 6 ways to help you do that. 

10 How To Make Your Gift Card Program Work For Your Business All Year Long

Small businesses have a lot on their plate; and with so many daily tasks at hand, it's easy to forget about generating revenue from one of the most popular holiday gifts: gift cards. To help you out we put together 5 ways that small businesses can make their gift card program work for them not just during the festive period but all year long!

What would you like to see in 2022?

We hope these posts will be both useful and empowering. They should help you find some tools and strategies that work for your unique needs as well as provide inspiration to take action now.

If there are any specific topics or subjects you want to see us cover, please let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting info@loylap.com so we can continue providing helpful resources tailored specifically to your needs.

Thank you for reading, Happy Holidays and wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year from all of us at LoyLap!

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