PuppyPay: The New Technology That Lets Your Dog Pay for Its Own Treats

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Once every couple of years a new technology comes along that changes the way that we as humans operate. From the development of the telegram in the mid 19th Century, to Steve Jobs' iPhone in 2007, we have in the last 150 years seen more innovation and progress than in the previous 1500 years. 

That innovation is about to accelerate further by the release today of PuppyPay; the world's first technology that progresses not only human, but also canine progress. PuppyPay enables dogs to now pay for their own goods and services via an innovative RFID chip embedded in their collar, which can be scanned at any business powered by LoyLap payments technology within their Point of Sales. 

The dog must simply bark or paw on a menu for their desired order, and then when prompted by staff, should walk up to the PuppyPay scanner for their collar to be identified and the transactions will automatically be processed. Their collar is linked to the PuppyPay app on their human's phone which can be funded by debit or credit credit, with all the controls one might require to limit their puppy spending as it has been found in testing that the dogs do not have a lot of self control when it comes to food. 

While currently on a trial basis in Dublin, this technology aims to roll out across Ireland and the wider EU over the coming months with the mission of the business to grant further autonomy to dogs to enable their evolution to an intelligent species. 

PuppyPay is available in any business in Dublin powered by LoyLap payments. Simply download the LoyLap app and view all the locations where your furry friends can exercise their independence and make their own paw-ments. 


Ready to let your dog make their own paw-ments? Visit our website today to learn more.


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